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Pseudodoping of a metallic two-dimensional material by the supporting substrate

Bin Shao, Andreas Eich, Charlotte Sanders, Arlette S. Ngankeu, Marco Bianchi, Philip Hofmann, Alexander A. Khajetoorians & Tim Wehling ; Nature Communications 10, 180 (2019)

Competing Coulomb and electron–phonon interactions in NbS2

Erik van Loon, Malte Rösner, Gunnar Schönhoff, Mikhail Katsnelson, Tim Wehling; npj Quantum Materials 3 (1), 32 (2018)

First-order metal-insulator transitions in the extended Hubbard model due to self-consistent screening of the effective interaction

Malte Schüler, Erik van Loon, Mikhail Katsnelson, Tim Wehling; Phys. Rev. B 97, 165135 (2018)

Exciton fission in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductors

Alexander Steinhoff, Matthias Florian, Malte Rösner, Gunnar Schönhoff, Tim Wehling, Frank Jahnke; Nature Communications 8, 1166 (2017)

Two-dimensional heterojunctions from nonlocal manipulations of the interactions

Malte Rösner, Christina Steinke, Michael Lorke, Christopher Gies, Frank Jahnke, Tim Wehling; Nano letters 16, 2322 (2016)

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B Sachs, TO Wehling, MI Katsnelson, AI Lichtenstein

Midgap states and band gap modification in defective graphene/h-BN heterostructures

Physical Review B, 94 (22), pp. 224105, 2016.

Julian Klein, Jakob Wierzbowski, Alexander Steinhoff, Matthias Florian, M Rösner, Florian Heimbach, K Müller, Frank Jahnke, Tim O Wehling, Jonathan J Finley, others

Electric-field switchable second-harmonic generation in bilayer MoS2 by inversion symmetry breaking

Nano letters, 17 (1), pp. 392–398, 2016.


Liangzhi Kou, Feiming Hu, Binghai Yan, Tim Wehling, Claudia Felser, Thomas Frauenheim, Changfeng Chen

Proximity enhanced quantum spin Hall state in graphene

Carbon, 87 , pp. 418–423, 2015.

TO Wehling, A Huber, AI Lichtenstein, MI Katsnelson

Probing of valley polarization in graphene via optical second-harmonic generation

Physical Review B, 91 (4), pp. 041404, 2015.

Shengjun Yuan, Malte Rösner, Alexander Schulz, Tim O Wehling, Mikhail I Katsnelson

Electronic structures and optical properties of partially and fully fluorinated graphene

Physical review letters, 114 (4), pp. 047403, 2015.

Isabella Gierz, Matteo Mitrano, Hubertus Bromberger, Cephise Cacho, Richard Chapman, Emma Springate, Stefan Link, Ulrich Starke, Burkhard Sachs, Martin Eckstein, others

Phonon-pump extreme-ultraviolet-photoemission probe in graphene: Anomalous heating of Dirac carriers by lattice deformation

Physical review letters, 114 (12), pp. 125503, 2015.

J Wieczorek, A Eschenlohr, B Weidtmann, M Rösner, N Bergeard, A Tarasevitch, TO Wehling, U Bovensiepen

Competition of spin currents and spin-flip scattering in ultrafast magnetization dynamics of Co/Cu (001) analyzed by complex time-resolved MOKE

arXiv preprint arXiv:1503.01979, 2015.

M Schüler, C Renk, TO Wehling

Variational exact diagonalization method for Anderson impurity models

Physical Review B, 91 (23), pp. 235142, 2015.

C Straßer, BM Ludbrook, G Levy, AJ Macdonald, SA Burke, TO Wehling, K Kern, A Damascelli, CR Ast

Long-versus short-range scattering in doped epitaxial graphene

Nano letters, 15 (5), pp. 2825–2829, 2015.

M Rösner, E Şaşioğlu, C Friedrich, S Blügel, TO Wehling

Wannier function approach to realistic Coulomb interactions in layered materials and heterostructures

Physical Review B, 92 (8), pp. 085102, 2015.

A Steinhoff, J-H Kim, F Jahnke, M Rösner, D-S Kim, Ch Lee, Gang Hee Han, Mun Seok Jeong, TO Wehling, C Gies

Efficient excitonic photoluminescence in direct and indirect band gap monolayer MoS2

Nano letters, 15 (10), pp. 6841–6847, 2015.

AA Khajetoorians, M Valentyuk, M Steinbrecher, T Schlenk, A Shick, J Kolorenc, AI Lichtenstein, TO Wehling, R Wiesendanger, J Wiebe

Tuning emergent magnetism in a Hund's impurity

Nature nanotechnology, 10 (11), pp. 958, 2015.

Felix Huttmann, Antonio J Mart'inez-Galera, Vasile Caciuc, Nicolae Atodiresei, Stefan Schumacher, Sebastian Standop, Ikutaro Hamada, Tim O Wehling, Stefan Blügel, Thomas Michely

Tuning the van der Waals Interaction of Graphene with Molecules via Doping

Physical review letters, 115 (23), pp. 236101, 2015.

J Wieczorek, A Eschenlohr, B Weidtmann, M Rösner, N Bergeard, A Tarasevitch, TO Wehling, U Bovensiepen

Separation of ultrafast spin currents and spin-flip scattering in Co/Cu (001) driven by femtosecond laser excitation employing the complex magneto-optical Kerr effect

Physical Review B, 92 (17), pp. 174410, 2015.


Tim O Wehling, Bernhard Grundkötter-Stock, Bálint Aradi, Thomas Frauenheim, Thomas Niehaus

Charge-doping-induced phase transitions in hydrogenated and fluorinated graphene

Physical Review B, 90 (8), pp. 085422, 2014.

Li Huang, Tim O Wehling, Philipp Werner

Electronic excitation spectra of the five-orbital Anderson impurity model: From the atomic limit to itinerant atomic magnetism

Physical Review B, 89 (24), pp. 245104, 2014.

Stefan Schumacher, Daniel F Förster, Feiming Hu, Thomas Frauenheim, Tim O Wehling, Thomas Michely

Polar EuO (111) on Ir (111): A two-dimensional oxide

Physical Review B, 89 (11), pp. 115410, 2014.

Gabriele Penazzi, Peter Deák, Bálint Aradi, Tim Wehling, Alessio Gagliardi, Huynh Anh Huy, Binghai Yan, Thomas Frauenheim

TiO 2 Nanowires as a Wide Bandgap Dirac Material: a numerical study of impurity scattering and Anderson disorder

MRS Online Proceedings Library Archive, 1659 , pp. 187–191, 2014.

M Rösner, S Haas, TO Wehling

Phase diagram of electron-doped dichalcogenides

Physical Review B, 90 (24), pp. 245105, 2014.

TO Wehling, Annica M Black-Schaffer, Alexander V Balatsky

Dirac materials

Advances in Physics, 63 (1), pp. 1–76, 2014.

A Steinhoff, M Rosner, F Jahnke, TO Wehling, C Gies

Influence of excited carriers on the optical and electronic properties of MoS2

Nano letters, 14 (7), pp. 3743–3748, 2014.

Tim Wehling

5 Projectors, Hubbard U, Charge Self-Consistency, and Double-Counting

DMFT at 25: Infinite Dimensions, 2014.

Stefan Schumacher, Felix Huttmann, Marin Petrovi'c, Christian Witt, Daniel F Förster, Chi Vo-Van, Johann Coraux, Antonio J Martinez-Galera, Violetta Sessi, Ignacio Vergara, others

Europium underneath graphene on Ir (111): intercalation mechanism, magnetism, and band structure

Physical Review B, 90 (23), pp. 235437, 2014.

Francisco Guinea, Mikhail I Katsnelson, Tim O Wehling

Two-dimensional materials: Electronic structure and many-body effects

Annalen der Physik, 526 (9-10), pp. A81–A82, 2014.

M Endlich, S Gozdzik, N Néel, AL da Rosa, T Frauenheim, TO Wehling, J Kröger

Phthalocyanine adsorption to graphene on Ir (111): Evidence for decoupling from vibrational spectroscopy

The Journal of chemical physics, 141 (18), pp. 184308, 2014.

Fernando Gargiulo, Gabriel Aut`es, Naunidh Virk, Stefan Barthel, Malte Rösner, Lisa RM Toller, Tim O Wehling, Oleg V Yazyev

Electronic transport in graphene with aggregated hydrogen adatoms

Physical review letters, 113 (24), pp. 246601, 2014.

Sumanta Bhandary, Tim Wehling, Olle Eriksson, Biplab Sanyal

Correlated electron behavior of metalorganic molecules: insights from density functional theory and exact diagonalization studies.


TO Wehling, AM Black-Schaffer,, AV Balatsky

Dirac materials

Adv. Phys., 63 , pp. 1, 2014.


Alexander Ako Khajetoorians, Benjamin Baxevanis, Christoph Hübner, Tobias Schlenk, Stefan Krause, Tim Oliver Wehling, Samir Lounis, Alexander Lichtenstein, Daniela Pfannkuche, Jens Wiebe, others

Current-driven spin dynamics of artificially constructed quantum magnets

Science, 339 (6115), pp. 55–59, 2013.

Liangzhi Kou, Chun Tang, Tim Wehling, Thomas Frauenheim, Changfeng Chen

Emergent properties and trends of a new class of carbon nanocomposites: graphene nanoribbons encapsulated in a carbon nanotube

Nanoscale, 5 (8), pp. 3306–3314, 2013.

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