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        Prof. Dr. Cornelius C. Noack

        Univ. Bremen - Inst. Theoretical Physics 
        Kufsteinerstraße /P.O.Box 330440 
        D-28334  Bremen, Germany 
        Room: O 3150 


Secretary :  Ms. Sarah-Jane Farley
    Room   :  O 3140
    Tel        :    218-62031
    Fax    :             -4869

member of APS, EPS


Physics education Univ. of Heidelberg (Ph.D.1964, Habilitation 1967).
1970-71 vice-rektor of Univ. Heidelberg
Full Prof. Dept. of Physics, Univ. Bremen since 1971 (retirement in fall of 2000)

Max-Planck-Fellow at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel 1961--1963 (this was the first extended visit of a young German scientist in Israel and the nucleus of the future Minerva Exchange Program of the Max-Planck society).
Ph.D. work at WIS with Amos de-Shalit

Further extended visits at institutions abroad:

Family: married, three daughters, six grandchildren

The course of Nuclear Physics during my active time

Some recent publications:

           V.Börchers, S.Gieseke, G.Martens and J.Meyer and C.C.Noack,
                      "A Poincare-Covariant Parton Cascade Model for Ultrarelativistic Heavy-Ion
                      - presented at Quark Matter '99 (Torino): Nucl.Phys. A661 (1999) 587c ( hep-ph/9907215)
                      - Phys.Rev. C 62 , 064903 (2000) ( hep-ph/0006038)

           C.C.Noack, "Causality Aspects of the Parton Cascade Approach to Ultarelativistic Heavy Ion Reactions''
                      poster presented at Quark Matter '04 (Oakland) ( hep-ph/0312365)

           H.W.Fricke and C.C.Noack,
                      "A Baryon Model in Covariant Constraint Dynamics", Physical Review Letters 80, 3014 (1998) ( pdf-file)

Paralegomena Physicalia:

                   Are you just 75 kg of kinetic energy ?

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An important hobby of mine is music (I play the oboe, although not as well as I'd like).

If you are looking for a good public-domain source for music, scores as well as software, you should be aware of the Werner Icking Music Archive . A wonderful TeX tool for typesetting musical scores is MusiXTeX, with its preprocessor PMX (PMX is by Don Simons). I have just finished work on a detailed manual for PMX (in PDF or PostScript ) .
It is available from the Werner Icking Music Archive: http://icking-music-archive.org/software/pmx/pmxccn.pdf
A macro named curly.tex (written by Mthimkhulu Molekwa), which provides braces for accolades in MusiXTeX, and which is used in my PMX manual, can be downloaded here.

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